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3 Ways a Vacation Injury Could Impact Personal Injury Claims

  • By Craig Kidwell
  • 06 Dec, 2019
No one wants or plans to get injured on vacation, but unfortunately accidents occur and may completely derail vacation plans. In any injury case, there are multiple factors which go into a claim, but when you are injured while on vacation, the factors may expand to include extra elements.

Learn how various aspects of a vacation could impact a personal injury case and how the elements apply to your specific situation. From there, you can work with a personal injury attorney to seek out proper compensation for damages.

1. Travel Plans

An injury could make a huge difference on travel plans. For example, an extended hospital stay may force you to cancel a flight or book another flight. In some cases, you could have booked non-refundable flight tickets and need to pay extra for a new ticket.

If you did not fly on your vacation, consider the impact on driving as well. You may have a rental car fee that gets extended for multiple days. You may have suffered injuries that eliminates the possibility to drive. Without the ability to drive, you may have to pay extra to have a car transported and delivered to your home along with the travel expenses for a flight.

All of the extra costs and factors will apply to a personal injury case. The liable party should be held responsible for the extra travel costs you incur due to the injuries.

2. Vacation Time

Depending on which point you sustained your injuries, you may find yourself losing out on a lot of vacation time. The vacation could have included casino visits, buffets, or tickets to various events. There are monetary losses, which includes resort expenses and prepaid elements, but also other elements of the vacation as well.

For example, the peace and relaxation you looked forward to may now be filled with stress and pain. The pain and suffering can become a large element of a personal injury case and the loss of a vacation may result in a lot of trauma.

You may have been planning the vacation for months and the vacation could have been your only one planned that year. Through your own provided statement to an attorney, you can detail the emotional toll the vacation injury took. The trauma of the injury may create bad memories from one of your favorite vacation locations and impact future travel plans.

The pain and suffering could also lead to the use of additional services, like a therapist or counselor. Any costs associated with the services would be added to your claim.

3. Accommodations

After an injury occurs, there are multiple ways your accommodations may be impacted. A hotel stay could be limited, and you may have to find other accommodations while you deal with the aftermath of an injury.

You may need additional tests or a follow-up doctor visit in the area. The extra money you put toward a hotel stay should be a part of the injury case. You shouldn’t have to pay the out of pocket costs for the extra accommodations.

Along with the actual costs of the room, an attorney may factor in the costs of any meals you have during the days. An injury could prevent your ability to cook or prepare proper meals. Any dinners, take-out, or room service food options should be considered as part of the personal injury claim.

Our lawyers have years of experience handling these cases and will help guide you in the right direction. Contact us at Kidwell & Gallagher to set up a consultation appointment and to move forward with your personal injury case as soon as possible.

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