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Minimized Risks You Can Control: Tips for Defensive Driving

  • By Craig Kidwell
  • 06 Jul, 2017
Minimized Risks You Can Control: Tips for Defensive Driving

Create an Escape Plan

Many drivers make the mistake of simply reacting to situations as they occur rather than planning ahead for all eventualities. In heavy traffic, this might pose a serious issue. Being surrounded by vehicles can leave you without an easy solution or a guaranteed way out of a jam, so if a dangerous situation develops, your reaction may risk making it even worse.

While driving, you should be constantly evaluating the landscape around you and looking for spaces in the traffic pattern that can provide you with an escape route. If you always know what your plan of attack is in the event of an accident, you're far less likely to have to rely on flawed reflexes that might force you in to taking a problematic blind leap of faith.

Commit to Safety Devices

Part of defensive driving is making sure that you have a physical defense in the event of a collision. When considering purchasing a vehicle, make sure that you lean toward those with high safety ratings and complete air bag systems. Many modern vehicles have complete curtain air bags that inflate from a variety of angles, and they can go along way toward protecting both your core and your extremities in the immediate aftermath of a crash.

The most important safety device, however, remains your seat belt. If you don't regularly use your seatbelt when you drive, you're making the decision to actively subject yourself to wholly unnecessary risk.

Even people who claim that seat belts are uncomfortable frequently find themselves adjusting to belt usage with very little provocation. Using your seat belt means getting used to your seat belt, and it also means taking an active role in protecting yourself while you're in the car.

Moderate YourMood

The most important thing to remember when you'rein the car is that your lack of control over other drivers doesn't have to manifest as anger or frustration. Complicated traffic patterns may be stressful, but it's essential that you avoid letting that stress impact your decisions. Work on your mindfulness. If you feel anger and annoyance starting to build, bring yourself back to center and focus your energy toward control. Making active attempts to harness your frustrations can stop them from getting out of control and can put you in a position to drive much more safely.

If you've followed these tips but still find yourself struggling with injuries after an auto accident, the professional sat Kidwell & Gallagher LTD can provide you with all of the personal injury support you need. If you get injured yet do everything you can to be a defensive drive, it could affect the amount you earn in damages. Turning to the professionals can ultimately guarantee a more positive outcome with compassion, understanding and tenacious defense
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