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The Importance of Seeking Immediate Medical Care After a Car Accident

  • By Craig Kidwell
  • 07 Nov, 2017
Car accidents range from minor to severe. In most minor to moderate accidents, chances are, you will not notice any immediate pain if you do not have an obvious injury. Because you are not feeling any pain at that point, you may choose not to seek medical care.

However, you should see a doctor right away after a car accident, no matter how minor it is. There are a variety of reasons why you should seek immediate medical treatment. The following is some information to consider.

Adrenaline Rush

After a car accident, your body is on high alert. You are likely nervous, concerned, scared, and angry. All of these emotions can cause additional pumps of adrenaline throughout the body. This adrenaline rush can result in you not feeling any pain at that point. Once the adrenaline rush begins to wear off, you will likely begin to feel the aftermath of the accident.

There is a possibility you could be suffering from any number of injuries, including brain and head injuries, neck injuries, or even injuries to the spinal cord. These type of injuries can cause you a great deal of harm as they progressively worsen without medical care.

Getting treated by a medical professional immediately after a car accident and going through with all follow-up care is the best way to address any issues you may have so that you do not end up with long-lasting pain.

Proper Documentation

In addition to ensuring that your health is not at risk, seeking medical care after a car accident is one of the most beneficial ways to receive compensation for all of your damages. Seeing a doctor will start a paper trail that fully documents your injuries, how they were sustained, how they were treated, and your overall prognosis.

If you intend to seek compensation from the insurer of the party at fault, you are going to need to obtain this documentation for your claim. Otherwise, the insurer can attempt to poke holes in your claim to avoid paying you.

The adjuster can argue that your injuries were not as serious as you claim since you did not see the need to have medical care right away. If nothing else, it can greatly reduce the amount of money you would have gotten for your claim had you been checked out medically after the accident.

Risking Your Claim

The decision to not get medical assistance after sustaining injuries can ultimately cost you an entire claim. Your injuries will become more difficult to treat because they have lingered for longer than necessary, potentially causing further injury that otherwise would not have occurred had you been seen right away.

Not only can the insurer say that you were not injured in the accident to the point of needing money for damages, but they can also argue that your injuries could have been the result of a completely different incident that occurred after your car accident. In this case, you will be responsible for paying all of your own medical expenses and other damages.

If cost is the reason why you choose not to go to a doctor, there are many options that we can discuss with you so that you can be seen by a doctor. Many of these options involve no out of pocket expense to you.

Getting injured in a car accident can cause some serious injuries that may seem minor at first. If you have been injured, be sure to see a doctor right away. For help with your claim, contact Kidwell & Gallagher LTD for assistance.

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